SOLD. Used NZAK Simplex Circular Sock Knitting Machine for Sale

I am selling my NZAK Simplex (estimated manufactured 2011). I purchased this used three years ago—this machine has made hundreds of pairs of socks. This is a great lightweight machine. It works well. I am selling because I purchased another machine and I only have two hands.

$1650 for the entire package.

What’s included:

  • NZAK SIMPLEX Circular Sock Knitting Machine
  • 72 Slot Cylinder
  • 60 Slot Cylinder
  • 36 Slot Ribber Dial
  • 30 Slot Ribber Dial
  • Slotted Yarn Guide
  • Weights and stem
  • Extra yarn mast, I found the original too short
  • V Hook  – for heels and toes
  • tin with Cylinder needles
  • tin with ribber needles
  • Antique bonnet – bonus!

Additonal Upgrades included:

  • Hand Turned Handle by Celeste – new $45
  • Optical Row Counter – New $100 – hard to find, originally purchased – on Etsy from JBQualityProducts – Includes AC power and 9v Battery Adapter, original Manual

Items of Note:

  • Because of the finish, your hand will get black.  I don’t know why, but it happens.  Cleans up easily.  A friend of mine has an NZAK Simplex and the same thing happens.
  • The Yarn mast topper was not slotted.  I made it slotted.  Works great, just not as pretty as the rest of the machine.  See images.
  • The new handle is ergonomically great, it does weigh a little more the original so the counterbalance off a little bit.  I am including the original handle if you want to swap back.
  • The weight stem had broken, but JB Weld it back together.

Contact me at if interested.

Demo of NZAK Simplex Circular Sock Knitting Machine in action:

Sample knit images

About the NZAK Simplex Circular Sock Knitting Machine

The NZAK Simplex Circular Sock Knitting Machine was manufactured by Jacquie Grant from New Zealand. She is renowned for repairing, restoring, and building Circular Knitting Machines.

Video Manuals for the NZAK machines can be found on Jacquie’s site.

I like that is made from lightweight aluminum and cylinders and dials from my AutoKnitter and Legare 400 work in this Circular Sock Knitting Machine.

From Auto Knitter LTD release about the NZAK Simplex Circular Sock Knitting Machine January 2007:

A new manufacture Sock knitting machine (CSM)  yes it is true, introducing the fourth and most successful model from new Zealand Auto knitter Ltd we call it the SIMPLEX.

Made from similar materials to the antique machines from olden days but using modern precision machining technology these machines while looking like antiques have the ability to perform wonderfully.

The main parts of the machine are made from cast Aluminum and milled in a five axis CNC automatic lathe which gives the machine its precision, to further enhance performance the machine has embedded into the Alloy castings (Base, Gear, and Cam Shell) steel inserts this means most moving parts are steel on steel which allows for very smooth running.

Another problem with older type Auto knitter machines has been over come in the simplex by fixing the side cams into the machine permanently therefore avoiding the confusion of loosing cams or inserting them upside down, we call this system the candy Stopper.

The machine is sold with Two Ribbers and  Two Cylinders you may choose from the following sizes  27/54, 30/60, 32/64, 36/72, 40/80, 42/84, and 48/96. additional ribbers and cylinders can be purchased seperately. 

The machine also comes with 1 Buckle, 2 heel Hooks, 1 Set of weights , Row counter, Tripod Stand, Cast on basket, and English type Yarn Mast  shipping is included in the price of the machine  

The Simplex is capable of knitting a wide range of weights of yarn; depending on which cylinder is used testing has proven this machine can knit many heavy yarns.

The Simplex will take Ribbers and Cylinders from previous NZAK models and an added bonus the Simplex Ribbers and cylinders will fit into Legare type machines when used in conjunction with our ribber adaptor post.

 The machine is coated with a ripple black powder coating and baked at high temp for hardness and durability.

 The V Cam is machined and then hardened for longer life. The machine will come with the UK type mast not the one shown in the picture.

 Topped off with a 7 year warranty against faulty parts makes the SIMPLEX the best CSM deal available. you can watch a video of our Quiknit model on vimeo type in NZAK or U tube type in NZAK

Contact me at if interested.