SOLD – Erlbacher Erl (Legare 400) Circular Knitting Machine for Sale $2100

I am selling my Erlbacher Erl circular knitting machine. This is a rare find. The Erlbacher Erl is a reproduction of the Legare 400 circular knitting machine. The Erlbacher Knitting Machine Company briefly manufactured it in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.

Like the Legare 400, it is a closed-cam system with a 1:1 crank ratio.

Unlike an antique Legare 400, this a newly manufactured machine. It utilizes modern metals for better wear and tear. It has an adjustable and slotted yarn carrier and slotted yarn mast topper. This machine also has a reliable bail-style row counter that is standard on all Erlbacher Knitting machines. It can use Legare 400 cylinders and ribber dials.

This machine purrs and has made hundreds of pairs of socks. It knits and ribs like a dream.

Images and Videos of machine working below.

What it includes:

  • Erlbacher Erl Machine (Legare 400 reproduction) – #2015-033
  • 64 slot Cylinder – Aluminum
  • 64 slot Ribber Dial – Aluminum
  • 54 slot Cylinder – Steel
  • 54 slot Ribber Dial – Steel
  • Built-in Row Counter
  • Standard Yarn Carrier
  • Slotted Yarn Mast Topper
  • Weight stack
  • Original Handle
  • Buckle
  • Crescent Tool
  • 2 wrenches, 3 Allen wrenches, and 4-in-1 Screw Driver
  • Original Erlbacher Wooden Crate, suitable for shipping
  • Original Manual


  • Upgraded Purple and Gold handle by Celeste
  • Slotted Yarn Carrier modified to prevent yarn from slipping out
  • Extra Chambord Yarn Carrier, modified to work on Erl
  • Chambord heel weights and forks
  • Chambord Set of metal pickup and latch tools
  • Extra Erl Ribber arm
  • Paddle Screws for holding Cylinder
  • 80 Cylinder needles
  • 80 Ribber needles

Cost $2100 plus shipping costs, free delivery within 50 miles of Minneapolis, MN. If interested, please email me