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Here’s a little video our friend Bill made about us.

NokoKnitCo was born out of a wooden crate. We make handmade knit items-some with an antique sock knitting machine, some using a couple of sticks.

Nokomis Knitting Company was born out of a wooden crate containing an intricate collection of rusted, disassembled and incomplete parts that would be painstakingly restored into “The Machine,” our first antique circular sock knitting machine and the inspiration of NokoKnitCo.

We make many of our items using our antique circular sock knitting machines originally used to make socks for the troops in World War I & II to prevent trench-foot.

About Us
We are a husband and wife team making handmade knit items in south Minneapolis.

Rich doesn’t know how to knit. Not one stitch but he can make one heck of a beautiful sock. Using the unusual combination or creativity and technology, Rich has specialized in making beautiful socks including made-to-order styles and sizes as well as yoga socks.

Jen learned to knit in when she was in 5th grade and suffering from chickenpox at her grandmother’s house. It was the perfect activity to distract from scratching and keep a ten year old’s hands busy. That was the beginning. Leaving the sock-making to Rich, Jen challenges herself to see what can be made besides socks on “the machine” but also likes to pick up her needles and make some things the old, old fashioned way.

Grandma Caroline
Grandma Caroline, better known as “Lady,” is to blame Jen’s obsession with knitting. She was a lifetime source of technical support, emotional support and inspiration. We lost Lady in September of 2015 at 94 but her spirit stays with us and we follow her rules that each stitch be made thoughtfully and nothing leaves our hands with a known mistake. We owe a lot to Gram.

To see more about us, visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/nokoknitco

Thank you for checking us out,
Jen & Rich

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